Garrett County and Natural Gas - Risks and Benefits

A selection of categorized links to allow one to assess the risks and benefits of gas development in Garrett Conty.

Garrett County Montage

Defining the Project

First of all, a project is a set of temporary activities that have a beginning and an end date. Defining the project involves:

  • Setting the Objectives - What is it that that is supposed to be accomplished?
  • Defining an Organization Structure - Who is in charge of what?
  • Identifying the Needed Resources - How many people will we need and what equipment is required?
  • Defining the Financial Objectives - What are the expected benefits?

Another way of looking at it is:

  • Mandate - Are the sponsors on board with their commitments?
  • Purpose - Do we understand why we're doing this?
  • Objectives - Do we understand the things we're after?
  • Scope - Do we understand the boundaries we have to live within?
  • Benefit - Do we understand the benefits that we're looking for?
  • Timescale - Do we understand how long this might take?
  • Control - Do we understand who is in control and who has the ultimate say?
  • Prioritization - Do we understand what needs to get dome before we can start something else?
  • Deliverables - Do we understand what we ultimately have to deliver to our sponsors and customers?