Garrett County and Natural Gas - Risks and Benefits

A selection of categorized links to allow one to assess the risks and benefits of gas development in Garrett Conty.

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Links related to educational materials for gas development processes.

- 1168 - [January 27, 2015] - GANT Daily, Gant Team in Local News, Marcellus Shale - "Study Explores Marcellus Shale Gas Development and Impacts on Pennsylvania Schools and Education"
"The Center for Rural Pennsylvania commissioned a Marcellus Shale Impacts study, the third looking at impacts on Pennsylvania schools and education.
The rapid development of natural resources resulting in sudden economic expansion and the influx of new people to meet new labor market needs is commonly referred to as “boomtown” development.
While this economic activity may be welcomed by many, especially in areas that have experienced longer term economic stagnation, these sudden community changes can also place new and unexpected strains on local infrastructure and institutions.
One such institution is the local school. What are the impacts on schools under boomtown-like conditions? What is the effect on student demographics? How do enrollments change? Do new populations of workers bring with them new populations of students, and, if so, what are the challenges and opportunities for local schools?"
- 1169 - [January 2015] - The Center for Rural Pennsylvania - A Legislative Agency of the Pennsylvania General Assembly, The Center for Rural Pennsylvania - "MARCELLUS SHALE GAS DEVELOPMENT AND IMPACTS ON PENNSYLVANIA SCHOOLS AND EDUCATION - The Marcellus Impacts Project Report # 3"
"Using data from the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the federal Department of Education’s
National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), coupled with qualitative focus group data with school
leaders from Pennsylvania’s northern tier and southwest counties, this research focused on several
topical areas, including changes in student populations and characteristics, student achievement, and
school district finances. (29pp)"
- 1383 - [October 22, 2013] -, Sharon Cohen | The Associated Press - "Growing pains: Oil boom turns prairie school to melting pot"
"Every morning as principal Brad Foss arrives at his school — after just a 60-second commute — he’s reminded of oil’s giant footprint in this town.
There’s the revolving-door student roster that reads like random pages of a school atlas: Jiang from China, Emma from Utah, Jose from Guatemala, Omar from Arizona.
There are the teachers, many of them transplants, including a dedicated Kurdish refugee who’s helping dozens of students learn English, a job that would never have existed until now.
And there are rows of white trailers overlooking the football field, temporary homes for more than a dozen teachers — and for Foss, who’s just a minute away from his office.
Like the rest of this town, Watford Elementary School has been transformed by the oil boom.
Families with young kids are constantly moving in, undeterred by the recent plunge in oil prices. The school’s 700-plus enrollment is more than double that of 2011. Many of the newcomers are the offspring of riggers, welders, truck drivers, engineers and others lured from across America — and around the world — by the prospects of good jobs."