Garrett County and Natural Gas - Risks and Benefits

A selection of categorized links to allow one to assess the risks and benefits of gas development in Garrett Conty.

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About Me

This is me about me. What are my qualification?

You don't need any qualifications to put up a website. Pretty much anyone can do it. But, I believe that my technical background can enhance the quality and content of the topic that this website addresses. I decided to do this for selfish reasons, to preserve the things that my wife have earned over our lifetime with hard work.

My background is in engineering research. I graduated from Arizona State University with a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering, actually Nuclear Engineering, but at that time there was no such official program.

My first job after graduating was with Westinghouse Electric in Monroeville, PA, where I worked on commercial nuclear reactors, specifically the fluid mechanical aspects of control rods and studying the power capability of various core configurations. I worked for Westinghouse for three years.

I was then recruited to move to Nuclear Fuel Services in Rockville, MD, to be part of a start-up that was going to provide reload fuel for existing nuclear reactors. I worked on cutting edge computer software and experimentation to assess power capabilities of fuel bundle configurations. That was a very exciting time.

I started studying for my PhD in Nuclear Engineering at Catholic University, but the commute and the feeling that I wasn't learning anything (my job was already cutting edge stuff) made me quit.

The Nuclear Fuel Services job lasted only for a couple of years because the bottom fell out of the nuclear power industry and reload fuel did not have much of a market, certainly not in the near future. We were told to look for work elsewhere, and had a year to do that.

After looking around for a while I was finally asked to join a fairly recent startup called Science Applications Incorporated (SAI) to support electric utilities with existing nuclear power programs. My expertise was fluid dynamics, heat transfer and software development. It turned out to be my lifetime employment. I was with them for 27 years, working on all kinds of projects, mostly with the Defense Department. In between, there was a stretch of about 6 years when I worked on developing alternative energy concepts for programs sponsored by the Department of Energy and Saudi Arabia. That was a large contract with many people working on it. We did a lot of very interesting things, including analyses and systems design work. In the mean time, the company had changed its name to SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation).

SAIC was a wonderful company to work for. I got involved in all kinds of technical programs. I did a lot of experimental and analytical work, wrote computer programs, performed analyses, developed systems, managed groups of people, you name it. My specialty was always in the three areas I mentioned earlier, fluid mechanics and dynamics, heat transfer, and software development.

I retired from SAIC in 2000, seeing the company grow from 300, when I joined, to over 40,000 in later years when acquisitions, mergers, going public, split and renaming occurred. The original SAIC is now Leidos Corporation.

When I retired we moved full-time to Deep Creek Lake.

At the lake I've spent my time on coaching youth soccer, developing real estate, learning how to play golf, worked with various charitable organizations, taught some at the College, travelled around the world, amateur photography, computer programming with R, web development, but spent most of my time learning about the physical(environmental) workings of Deep Creek Lake and now Marcellus Shale gas development.

So... that's me.